Logan Ballard

Web Developer

Finding simplicity in life


Life can get complicated really quickly, but it doesn't have to be! There are many ways to simplify your life, a few of which we've explored in the past. This week we're taking a bit of an approach though, in how you can find simplicity in the life you're already living.


Teamwork makes the dream work

Two heads are better than one. Working as a team can be either really productive or really stressful. If you want to work better with your team read on! We've found that using Microsoft Teams for remote collaboration reduces meeting times and headaches like crazy.

team hands all in

Anger management in the workplace

We're talking about anger management. It is important to remain level headed even in the toughest situations. Doing so helps you appear professional and reliable. If you struggle at being to explosive with coworkers try therapy.

angry phone call

Staying organized during the COVID-19 pandemic

There are many reasons why it is important to stay organized. Especially now because of the Corona Virus! Being organized will help your mental health and productivity at work. Make sure to take time for yourself and relax, but also block out focus time to get stuff done.

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